Function Follows Form


Our approach has always been to provide personalized and customized skating instruction to hockey players in either a one to one or small group setting. Being able to get to know and build a relationship with each player, providing individual feedback and attention is important to us, and best accomplished in smaller groups.

We tailor our programs to meet the needs and priorities of each player. Through our focus on technique, function follows form. The method of instruction is not about quantity; it is about quality and paying attention to the detail involved with skating.



Our methodology is a building block approach, where every skating skill is analyzed, deconstructed, reconstructed, and then applied to ensure understanding of concept and practice. Participants are not told ‘what' to skate, they are taught ‘how’ to skate and ‘why’.

We reinforce and apply the mortar of “good” and “efficient” technique to the bricks of natural ability.

Players learn to skate smarter, not harder.


Improving strength and technique almost always improves power and speed.