The Skating Company

We provide a unique alternative and/or complement to traditional hockey programs through our focus on developing and refining the individual hockey player’s skating technique. We work with players of all levels - novice to professional - in a one to one or small group setting.


Our Values

We live by our core values of professionalism, simplicity, candor, and dedication. We can be relied upon to consistently do our best whether we feel like it or not; we are straightforward, honest; and dedicated to helping each person succeed. We believe that less is more - so we focus on the essentials and leave the bells and whistles to other coaches and programs. 


The question we always ask ourselves is 'how can we best help this person right now that will assist in creating opportunities for them in the future?' If our on-ice instruction can help you perform better in your game in the short-term, and lead a fulfilling life in the long- term, we have succeeded. Maybe you'll make the team that you've always wanted to play for, or maybe hockey will serve as a vehicle for further education. If you can look back and view your time with us as one of the most positive and productive learning experiences of your hockey career - then we have met our goal. 

The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all
— Pablo Casals